Prenatal Microarray testing, Prenatal Testing Laboratory

Clinical Indications for Assure™ SNP Microarray

  • Reflex testing for fetuses with abnormal ultrasound findings and/or abnormal prenatal screening result with a normal karyotype
  • Clarification of abnormal karyotype
    • Marker chromosome identification
    • Characterization of unbalanced chromosomal translocation
    • Family history of known or suspected  chromosomal abnormality
    • Previous pregnancy with multiple anomalies of unknown etiology
    • History of multiple miscarriage or stillbirth of unknown cause
    • Pregnancies at increased risk for chromosome abnormalities

Reporting of Results

  • Copy number gains >2Mb and Losses >1Mb
  • Gains/losses of >50Kb within clinically significant genes or regions
  • Identification of UPD and consanguinity

Specimen Requirements

Sample Type Chromosome
CMA Direct CMA Cultured
Amniotic Fluid 15-20 ml <17wks 15ml>17wks 10ml 2 T25 flasks70% confluent
Chorionic Villi 5-20mg 10mg 2 T25 flasks70% confluent
*All prenatal samples should be accompanied by a maternal blood sample, 10ml EDTA (lavender-top) for MCC studies
**A completed requisition and consent form should be sent with each sample.

December, 2013- The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued new guidelines for the utilization of chromosomal microarray (CMA) in prenatal diagnostic testing. According to these guidelines CMA should be offered to all patients undergoing an amniocentesis or CVS and should not be restricted to women age 35 and older.

In pregnancies with a normal karyotype, microarray analysis has been shown to increase the detection of clinically relevant genomic imbalances in 1.7% of pregnancies with standard indications such as advanced maternal age and abnormal maternal screening results and 6.0% of pregnancies with abnormal ultrasound findings.

Advantages of choosing  CytoGenX

CytoGenX is committed to providing a multidisciplinary approach in the management of genetic disease.

The focus of our highly specialized team of professionals is to empower clinicians and patients with an understanding of genetic disease and risk that allows for the most informed decision-making possible.

Genetic counseling support  is available 24/7 to assist in result interpretation