Assure your patients with confidence

Assure™ SNP Microarray is a high density microarray with balanced  whole-genome coverage. Assure™ SNP Microarray allows for high-resolution DNA copy number analysis.

  • 2.67 million copy number markers
  • 1.9 million non-polymorphic probes
  • 750,000 SNP probes that genotype with 99% accuracy.
  • The high-density SNP array enables analysis of regions identical-by-descent.  
  • Assure™ SNP Microarray provides higher resolution thankaryotyping and therefore allows genome wide screening for microdeletions and microduplications.  Submicroscopic rearrangements account for as much as 15% of human genetic disease.

Assured Performance 

  • Analyze allele-specific copy number and SNP genotypes
  • Independently confirm copy number changes with SNP allelic information
  • Differentiate triploidy, sample heterogeneity, and sample contamination
  • Assess array and sample quality
  • Assure™ SNP microarray includes 2.67 million markers for copy number (CN) analysis, approximately 750,000 SNP probes, and 1.9 million non-polymorphic probes for comprehensive whole-genome coverage.
  • 100% Sanger cancer gene coverage
  • 100% ISCA constitutional gene coverage
  • 12,000 OMIM® genes
  • 36,000 RefSeq genes
  • FDA-cleared