Bladder Cancer (UroVysion™)

UroVysion™ is a fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) based molecular cytogenetic test that detects aneuploidy of chromosomes 3, 7 and 17 and the deletion of the 9p21 locus in carcinoma cells present in urine specimens.  This testing is used to diagnose bladder cancer in patients with symptoms of bladder cancer such as hematuria (adjunct to ThinPrep-based urine cytology) and to monitor bladder cancer recurrence. 

Collection Procedure

Collect 50ml of urine in a 100ml urine container

Specimen Requirements

Cells in urine specimens can settle to the bottom of collection cups.  Make certain cells are re-suspended by swirling prior to adding Cytolyt™ or 50% ethanol in 1:1 solution. Alternatively, mix urine with carbowax (2% polyethylene glycol in 50% ethanol) 2:1 (v:v) within 6 hours of collection.

Refrigerate specimen while waiting for shipping.  DO NOT FREEZE.

Specimen Container

Urine container 


Laboratory Testing For Bladder Cancer involves Microscopic analysis, digital image capture

Causes for Rejection

Urine contaminated with bacteria or fungi is unacceptable.  Specimens exposed to high temperature (>37°C) are also unacceptable.


Room temperature Ship within 72 hours of collection. 

To learn more on Bladder Cancer Testing and Treatment, Please call CytoGenX at (888) GENE MED (436-3633)

Turnaround Time

3-5 days