CytoGenX Medical Genetic Laboratory Remains Open During the COVID-19 Outbreak

CytoGenX recognizes the need for rapid diagnostic testing for the at-risk pregnant population. CytoGenX understands the enormous stress that the COVID-19 outbreak places on families that are currently pregnant. CytoGenX continues to provide the fastest confirmation available of abnormal prenatal screening results from NIPT, maternal serum screening and ultrasounds. Continue reading

CytoGenX Corp. Announces the Release of Assure™

CytoGenX Corp. Announces the Release of Assure™ Whole-Genome Microarray

CytoGenX Corp, a leading provider of medical genetic testing services, announced today it will be offering Assure™, its new comprehensive whole-genome microarray designed to aid in the detection and identification of disease-causing genetic alterations involved in prenatal and pediatric genetic diseases as well as cancer and infertility. Continue reading

FDA Cleared Testing at CytoGenX

CytoGenX is committed to providing the most recent advances in FDA approved genetic technologies.

AneuVysion™ (FISH): In addition to our comprehensive panel of prenatal genetic tests, CytoGenX offers the only FDA-cleared prenatal genetic test available in the United States. The DNA-based STAT prenatal genetic test (AneuVysion™) answers urgent, important questions about a fetus. Using fetal cells obtained from amniotic fluid, Continue reading